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Raymond Ang , 5 Aug 07 :

Hi, one to thanks Ah Chai for the great time.

There are 6 male & 1 female anglers. She is my wife and a 1st timer to boat fishing and she caught 5 fishes.

Have a great time & already book for 21Oct'07.

Mr Raymond Ang - 5 Aug 07

Seccom24 , 9 Jun 06 :

ah chai is the most friendliest boatman around so far

Mr Lim , 6 Apr 06 :

Ah Chai is a fun and cheerful boatman to fish with and he is well-known for catching Guhood (grunters) at Changi waters. His boat is pretty big and reasonably priced, very suitable for fishing with a big group of friends. His catches are pretty consistent, but when the fish aren't biting he works hard in changing spots. I believe that the most important aspect of a good boatman is a positive attitude towards satisfying customers, and Ah Chai has that!"

Mr Lin , May 31 :

I have made two trips with Ah Chai and so far i'm still happy with my overall catches. Ah Chai is a friendly and cheerful guy who always has a smile on his face. He never fails to change spots when the fishes aren't biting. Given his hospitality and service, i would certainly recommend Ah Chai as your boatman!" Mr Lin - May 31

Cat Couple , Feb 07 :

When we first saw Ah Chai, we were asking ourselves what kinda of a boatman he would be like coz he seems very quite and looked stern. As soon as we hit our 1st spot and the 1st fish was landed, we realised what a great boatman we have got ourselves with(it was our first trip on his boat).

He was as eager as us to fish and was giving us tips and sharing his vast experience with us noob anglers. His unorthodox style of removing the hook from the fish's throat using a twig certainly caught our attention. Although his boat is not as clean and new as some of the boats that we've been to, he definitely makes up for it by being the best boatman we've been with so far. Friendly, fun and cheerful.

Great catch that day. Hope it'll be another one on the next trip in 2 week s time. Thumbs up to this man and his boat.!"

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